I find it unerringly….sad… that I still find myself asking again and again one question with several iterations: Why?

And that I cannot think of an answer for a single one yet.

Why did he treat me like a piece of luggage?

Why did I stay?

Why does he continue to refuse to pay child support for our son when he insists he is such a great dad?

Why does he think it is OK to coerce and force sex?

Why does he think it was OK to do that with our son in the same room – the same bed when he was a baby?

Why didn’t I scream loud and long to get him to stop regardless of whether it would wake the baby up or not?

Why didn’t I call the police?

Why does his family think the way he treats me is OK?

Why do I care what his family thinks?

Why did I think this was normal behavior of a husband towards his wife?

Why did I become accustomed to verbal, mental, emotional and sexual abuse?

Why did I think that was love?

Why? Why? Why?


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