My name is Michelle. Among other things, I’m a survivor of domestic violence and intimate partner rape. I met my now ex-husband when I was 18. Invited him into my home to live at 24, married him at 28 and divorced him at 38. It’s the stuff between those milestones, and the results, that perhaps merits inspection on my part.

I’ll be writing through what I lived with and what I’m dealing with now. For any readers who are looking for support or information or validation for what you may be going through, please note that I’ll be writing about what life was like living with an abusive alcoholic and ongoing issues with him as I try to heal. There may be triggers, please be safe.

Other information about me…. I’m still trying to re-learn that…

I was a self-proclaimed math-geek. I loved learning languages, playing the piano, being outside in the forests and trails. Perhaps, I’ll remember more or learn new items about myself as I write.


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