Names of the Perpetrator or Innocents

The name that I use in my blog for my abuser is changed to protect the abusive – how appropriate.  That’s what I did for him for years: protect him from the consequences of his drinking, or from looking bad in front of our families or friends, or covering for him when he’d had too many – “Sam’s sick,” invariably meant Sam had started drinking early and was passed out on the couch already.

Sam has never been convicted for raping me or on charges of domestic abuse – I never filed – never knew I could, he was my husband.  I’d never had another husband to compare his behavior to; this was “normal” for me.  Now that I know I could have, too long has passed and there is no proof.  He has, however, admitted to a couple specific acts and then denied everything in generalities in a court setting.

For that matter, the names of friends, family, co-workers, pets, and even some locations, will be changed to protect the innocent.

I’m afraid he’ll find my blog and I’m terrified it will make him mad.  I don’t think he’d see himself in my writing and with the names of friends and family changed, hopefully he won’t see us.  I don’t want to let fear of him keep me from letting this all out.

List of Players

  • Michelle – me, the amazed Survivor
  • Max – the most amazing, active, sweetest little boy ever, our son
  • Serenity – Our (Max and my) cat, who thinks he’s a dog
  • Sam – the abusive, alcoholic ex-husband, father to Max
  • Ingrid – the new enabler, Sam’s current means of escaping responsibility and offering manipulation (future victim of Sam’s abuse, most likely)
  • Sam, Sr. – Sam’s father, sweet 80+ year old man (who thinks alcoholics can just stop drinking and who appears to be oblivious to Sam’s abuse tactics)
  • Francine – Sam’s sister and one of Sam’s (past?) enablers, she tries to (used to?) jump in to save his bacon from the fire

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